Elena Shaw

A smart aleck pickpocket born and raised in the Downs.


Power: Telekinesis
Weapons: Small boot knife. Her dazzling wits.


Elena Shaw is the first of six children born and raised to an alcoholic father and a deadbeat mother who died of an overdose when Elena was only fifteen years old, shortley after the birth of her youngest sister. Because of her absentee parents, Elena raised her five siblings by herself. Jake (15), Lucy (12), Margery (10), Blake (8) and Ainsley (5), rely on Elena for everything. She gets money for the family through pickpocketing, a skill her father taught her at a young age.

When she was twelve years old walking Lucy home from school, a group of boys a few years ahead of Elena in School chased her down and trapped her in an alleyway. They pulled a knife on her and threatened to rape her and kill Lucy if she didn’t comply. Elena felt a rush of energy in her hands, and a connection to a nearby trashcan that lay strewn in the alley. Without thinking, she hurled the can at the boy closest to her. It crashed over his head and he crumpled into a pile. The rest of the attackers scattered. Elena and Lucy ran home, and the next day the police found the boy dead from an apparent traumatic brain injury.

After that day, Elena discovered new and inventive ways to use her powers. Blessed with an eidetic memory, she could steal debit cards and enter their pins, pick money out of people’s pockets without getting close to them, and rob a store without ever stepping inside.

Elena arrived at the bank on that fateful day for a normal shift of picking, only to find herself embroiled in a world that she never knew existed. She is fiercely loyal to her family, and will stop at nothing to find them.

Elena Shaw

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