Anya Kay

Spunky strong willed earth/metal bender!


Anya Kay grew up in San Francisco with her parents and younger brother GB. They lead a comfortable life in the upper middle class. She always was highly motivated through school and college, leading her to be in a graduate program for Geology at UCSD. A year into her program, an existential crisis lead her to drop out of school. This is what lead to her estrangement from her parents and brought her to the brink of homelessness. Her brother took pity on her situation and much to their parents dismay, he took her in. Now several years later they both still live in Bastian, Michigan.

One of the things that lead to Anya dropping out of school was a inexplicable feeling of connection to her specimens. She felt as though she could feel them, not in the typical physical sense, but almost at a molecular level. In trying to explain this to herself, this is what led to the crisis.

Now, doing better after her lapse in mental health, the finds her self in the company of other seemingly ‘gifted’ individuals. She is slowly learning what she can do, which is shockingly more than originally believed. Control is sometimes still challenging, but as time passes, she is able to harness her inner power more.

Anya Kay

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