The Number of the Beast

Gary, Indiana: Serial Killer Capitol of the US (Log for 7/22/17)

The group decides it’s in their best interest to travel to Gary, Indiana, both to find Elena’s family and to investigate what else Thuul could be up to. During their road trip, they stop at a gas station in Battlecreek, Michigan to refuel. While Elena and Anya go inside to stock up on snacks and pay the cashier, a group of men pull up in a dark red car. When they get out, Cass notices they have guns hidden in their coats, and warns Jack that they’ve run into trouble again.

The men enter the store and pull out their weapons, pointing them at the clerk and his friend. Anya and Elena sneak out the front door, where they find Jack rushing inside. Cass is busy sneaking around the back, trying to get a better jump on the robbers. Elena goes to start their car while Anya tries to cut the ignition of the robbers vehicle to stop them from leaving. Meanwhile, Jack reaches the door and pulls out his gun just as two of the robbers fire their weapons at the clerk and his friend. The clerk takes a nasty shot to the hand, and his friend takes a bullet straight to the abdomen. Both men buckle as Jack points his gun at the lead robbers face.

The lead robber turns to shoot Jack. As expected, the bullet bounces off of him, and the robbers are stunned. Anya has destroyed the ignition of the robbers car and smashed their tailpipe. Elena, who has never worked with cars before, fails to start their own vehicle. When she sees Jack in trouble, she calls for Anya to take over while she rushes inside. Cass also bursts in through the back door, only she doesn’t look like Cass. She’s transformed into her monstrous form. The robbers scream and back up towards the door. They get in their car and try to leave with no luck. Elena jams the doors, but one robber manages to escape. Jack pins him down, and Anya turns back to the robbers vehicle. Though she only means to trap them, she doesn’t realize the extent of her power and collapses the roof. The men scream in agony as blood pours through the cracks in the doors.

Horrified, Anya freezes in place. Jack manages to knock out the one robber who escaped while Elena goes back to grab the security footage. Cass is tending the wounded, and manages to fix up the man shot in the stomach, who is convinced he’s been blessed by an angel. The clerk isn’t as fortunate, as Cass rushes and doesn’t manage to fix his hand. The four metahumans scramble into the car—with Jack pulling Anya—and peel out into the road as sirens rise over the hill.

The group drives the rest of the way to Gary, Indiana with only Anya’s tears breaking the silence. They find a Motel 7 and decide to stop and rest there. Jack goes out for food and meets a homeless man, who he promises to bring back a meal. Elena goes out to explore and meets the same man, so she waits for Jack to bring back the food and, inevitably, booze. Jack gives the man a happy meal, but when Elena returns to do the same, she finds them both gone. A trail of blood leads her down an alleyway, where she meets Jack who puts a finger to his lips and gestures forward. They hear a growl and a squishing sound in the distance, and turn the corner, horrified to find an animal chowing down on the homeless mans lifeless body. No, not an animal. The Beast.

The Beast turns to face them, blood dripping down his chin. He asks them to join him, and calls them weak when they refuse. Cass arrives and suddenly the Beast transforms. A new personality takes over, a young girl named Hedwig. She is kinder, softer than the beast. She offers them information about what the beast was looking for. He’s hunting metahumans, and there’s one here in Gary, Indiana. A postal worker named Rebecca with the power to control people’s minds.

The next morning, the group splits up. Elena and Jack go to the address Blake’s teacher gave them while Cass and Anya head to the post office to try to find the mysterious Rebecca. Elena and Jack arrive to find that the building isn’t a home at all, but a mostly abandoned office. The guard tells them only two businesses occupy the building, but there have been “IRS” agents poking around the abandoned fourth floor. The two head up there to find—who else—Thuul agents have taken up residence. Elena and Jack offer information about the Beast in exchange for the truth about Elena’s family. The Thuul agent gives Elena a phone number, and she calls only to hear her father’s voice. He’s in California with a new job and a new house. The kids, meanwhile, never left Bastion. Thuul is paying for them to go to boarding school in Lakeside. Jack tells the Thuul agent what they know about the beast and his hunting of metahumans, and then the two metahumans take off to meet Cass and Anya at the post office.

Meanwhile, Cass and Anya walk in to find a sassy but friendly receptionist in the post office who informs them that Rebecca is out on her postal route. They spend some time trying to find out more about Rebecca, but the receptionist seems more interested in trying out her knew “hypnotic” skills on them. Elena and Jack arrive, and the group decides to go find Rebecca.

They travel around Gary and eventually find the girl on her postal route. They tell her of Thuul and the Beast who’s hunting her, and convince her to come back to Bastion with them. Her power, as it turns out, is just what Hedwig said, she can read and control people’s minds. Elena suggests they take their new friend to meet Cygnus vismond Cygnus and find out his true intentions.

They travel back to Bastion and go to Cygnus’ place. While there, Rebecca attempts to read his mind, but gets only a glimpse before being shut out. The group banters with Cygnus for a while before bidding their farewells. Once outside, Rebecca confirms what Elena believed, Cygnus is not who he appears, and the group should not trust him. With their list of enemies growing longer, the metahumans head out into Bastion to try and find out more.



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